White House Beer
White House Beer is a fictional brand of beer in the F Is for Family universe. Its slogan: "It's the one draft you won't want to dodge!"


In "The Bleedin' in Sweden", Frank, Goomer, and Babe sat on the driveway and drank some cans of White House Beer. Later in the TV store, a commercial for White House Beer was seen on TV. At the end of the episode, Frank let Bill have a sip of White House Beer, so long as he didn't tell Sue about it.

In "Saturday, Bloody Saturday", Frank drank a White House Beer, while watching Colt Luger.

In "The Trough", Frank drank White House Beers, while driving. He also got Bill to pass him the beer cans. An advertisement for White House Beer was also seen on the scoreboard of the baseball game. Kevin, Lex, and Bolo also drank some White House beers under the highway. While looking at his beer, Lex posed the question to his friends, regarding which First Lady they'd have sex with.

In "F is for Halloween", Kevin, Lex, Bolo, and Claire were drinking bottles of White House Beer on the roof of a house. Bolo was able to know a lot about the presidents, by reading the presidential fun facts on the label of every bottle. The fun fact he knew about was that William Henry Harrison served the shortest Presidential term of everyone else, which helped Kevin finish his homework.

In "Bill Murphy's Day Off", Frank drank a can of White House Beer, while watching Colt Luger. He also had another can of beer for dinner that night.

In "Heavy Sledding", Frank drank away his depression, over losing his job, by drinking some White House Beer.

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