Vivian Saunders is Sue's boss at Plast-a-Ware. She is voiced by Mo Collins.


Vivian speaks in a phoney, happy voice. Sometimes making snide comments, or subtly bragging about herself. Once Sue is promoted to part-time level two sales manager, Vivian shows little regard for Sue's availability or feelings, and seems to be taking advantage of her. She also shows a dislike for Sue's children, and children in general. Vivian drives a lime green Lincoln, matching her green eyeshadow and green Plast-a-Ware blazer. She used to work as a cafeteria manager at the high school Vic attended, and the two had relations during this time. She attended the Lifted Riffs concert with Vic.

She sleeps around with men frequently, with little regard for their satisfaction. Though her male bosses at Plast-a-Ware are fairly sexist, they respect Vivian because she is able to banter with them as an equal, and is competent in her job. When she finds Sue's salad tosser blueprints in the trash, she helps Sue go above their bosses heads to Plast-a-Ware's owner to pitch the idea. During this experience, she becomes more of a genuine friend to Sue.

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  • Her phone number is 412 0141
  • Vivian has a bad relationship with her father and dislikes his Japanese wife.
  • She was named Plast-a-Ware's "Best Seller" in 1972.
  • If she were alive in 2019 she would be 91.
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