Ice Blade
The Ultimate Ice Blade is a hockey stick that Bill wanted to buy for hockey practice. It first appeared in "Breaking Bill".


In "Breaking Bill", Bill saved up money on his paper route so he could buy the Ultimate Ice Blade. Unfortunately, on his way to the store, Jimmy Fitzsimmons beat him up and stole a portion of his money. Because of this, he couldn't afford the hockey stick. The store owner, Ben Schrider, refused to let him buy it, even after he told him the story, so Bill thought of a plan to steal it. Bill had Phillip distract Ben, while Bill stole the hockey stick, but Bill still got caught. Ben grabbed Bill by the arm and yelled at him, demanding he gives him his name. Bill lied and said his name was Jimmy Fitzsimmons. Just then, Phillip smacked Ben with a snowboard and the two ran away, taking the hockey stick with them.

When Bill brought the hockey stick home, he felt guilty about what he did, and only felt worse, when Frank complimented him on how he earned that hockey stick with his own money and told him that he'd take him to hockey practice the following day. Bill eventually decided to hide the hockey stick, by burying it in the show. Just then, he overheard Jimmy Fitzsimmons, getting in trouble with his father for stealing. His father sent him to military school and Bill got a sense of freedom. He realized he didn't need to hide the hockey stick or feel any shame, as he did something great that day.

In "This Is Not Good", Frank didn't drive Bill to hockey practice like he promised, so Bill had to ride his bike there, himself. He went over a bump on the driveway, making him fall and land on his hockey stick breaking it in half.

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