This Is Not Good is the sixth episode of the second season of F Is for Family and the twelfth episode, overall.


All hell breaks loose when Frank has to work one morning. This includes him dealing with Bob Pogo, Sue needing money for a prototype of her salad tosser, Kevin prematurely ejaculating during his date, Bill being unable to make it to his hockey tryouts, and Maureen needing a ride to Honeybee scouts.




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  • Title Reference: The family experiencing problems when Frank takes an extra shift. Specifically, Frank stealing from Sue, Sue selling her locket, Kevin being statutorily raped, Bill becoming cruel and losing his friendship with Phillip, and Maureen having no ride to Honeybees.
  • Kevin loses his virginity.
  • Because Bill was unable to attend the Hockey Tryouts, he becomes more rebellious and starts to have a hatred towards his father (similar to Kevin).
  • Bob Pogo regrets letting Frank go after working with Scoop for 2 months.
  • According to Kevin, this episode starts on February 21, 1974, 10 days after the events of the previous episode, this episode also ends on February 22, 1974.