The Stinger is the third episode of season 3 of F is for Family.

Synopsis Edit

Things take an ugly turn when Rosie isn't given Frank's job after his promotion, while Sue presents her newest invention. Kevin starts summer school, where he has a hard time until he rattles his teacher. Bill has a severe mishap while at the pool.

Plot Edit

Sue gets an idea for her new invention and wants to present it to the women of the neighbourhood. They are less than impressed but are intimidated into buying the product anyways.

Kevin starts summer school. At first he is ridiculed when the teacher reads his journal out loud. But he manages to best him with insults and earn the respect of his peers.

Brandy Dunbarton has taken over the airline and erects a monument to her late Husband and Nephew (in which Frank and Rosie gave dissatisfied glares toward it because of their Hatred towards them). Frank is promoted, but he must keep his old job as well with no pay raise. Rosie doesn't get promoted though everyone expected him to.

Bill and Phillip go to the pool where he ditches Phillip to talk to Bridget Fitzsimmons. He winds up getting an erection in the pool, which causes him to refuse to get out when the pool is evacuated for a thunder storm. When he is pulled out, his swim trunks are pulled off causing much embarrassment. Bridget however is impressed, as she see's it as an act of rebellion.

Trivia Edit

  • Title Reference: Bill getting an erection while at the pool.
  • Frank is promoted to Bob Pogo's old job.
  • Sue comes up with an all-purpose kitchen tool: the Forkoontula.
  • According to Sue, the Unborn Fourth Child will arrive in approximately 4 Months.
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