The Bleedin' in Sweden is the series premiere of F is for Family and the first episode of Season 1.


In this episode, Frank purchases a brand new color TV, which Bill accidentally ruins with a magnet.

Plot Edit

When Frank hears about an upcoming boxing match on TV, he is excited over the idea of inviting his neighbours over to watch it. When he tells his friends however, he finds out they have already been invited over to Vic's house, to watch the fight on his color TV. Frank decides to buy a color TV of his own, using Kevin's college fund to do so.

Meanwhile, Bill is busy with his science project which involves testing a magnet on various surfaces. While he is out with his sister and friends, he runs into several problems such as encountering Mr. Holtenwasser, and later Jimmy Fitzsimmons. Jimmy traps Bill up a tree, shooting at him with a pellet gun. Maureen runs off to find Kevin, who confronts Jimmy and saves Bill.

The next morning Bill places his magnet on the TV, breaking it. Kevin advises him to go back to bed and pretend he doesn't know what happened. Frank and Sue attempt to return the TV, but are turned away and humiliated. They confront the kids and Bill eventually admits what he did. As his punishment, they take him to the electronics store to explain what happened but he is yelled at and dismissed by Chuck Sawitzki, prompting Bill to secretly take a magnet to every TV in the store.

Because of this Chuck's father assumes the shipment was defective, and gives the Murphy's a different brand of color TV to make up for it, allowing Frank to have his fight party.


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  • Title Reference: The upcoming boxing match involving Irish Mickey Ireland, which references his previous loss called "The Bleedin' in Sweden".
  • It's established that the series takes place in 1973.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The Rumble in the Jungle (1974) - the legendary boxing match between George Foreman and Muhammed Ali is alluded to / parodied with the fight and episode title.


  • In the scene where Bill gets his magnet stuck to the Nazi neighbor's door, in almost every shot, the position of the magnet on the number label changes.
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