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The "B" Word is the fourth episode of season four of F Is for Family.


Vic helps Kevin with his music after hearing his song. Frank and Stan are stuck with each other until they learn something. Bill is forced to sit back while Big Bill catches up with old friends. Sue's mother and friends throw her a baby shower. Bridget and Maureen hang out.


  • Title Reference: The baby shower for Sue, especially when they play "The 'B' Word".
  • According to Twitter this will be the most emotional episode of season 4.
  • Stan has another confrontation with Frank.
    • The two of them, along with Goomer, Babe, and Holtenwasser eventually discover how cruel their fathers really were.
  • Sue reunites with her college friend, Gertrude "Gert" Gurski, who's now a successful lawyer.
  • Frank and Big Bill start to mend their relationship after Big Bill compliments Frank for the first time.
  • Sue's baby shower is held at an Italian restaurant called "Mama Gagliardi's", which could be a subtle hint towards Louis Gagliardi's mother.
  • Sue feels as if her pregnancies held her back from being successful. This is the same feeling that her father had regarding Sue's future, in which this serves as the main reason for his strong dislike towards Frank Murphy.
  • Vic discovers the "Cutie Pie" painting in Bolo's garage, and destroys it.
  • Bill becomes guilty over the trouble he gave to Jimmy for stealing the hockey stick.
  • Bill realizes that Frank was right about Big Bill after he unleashed the same kind of fury he did on Frank.
  • Sue’s new inventions include “the spatula safe”, “onion goggles”, “quarter maker”, “the multi slicer”, “juice extractor” and “ultimate peeler blade”.
  • Ben Schrider, the owner of the sporting goods store, was an employee and long-time colleague of Big Bill and that his sporting goods store is where Big Bill's hardware store used to be.
    • Ben also learns who Bill truly is.
  • Stan mentions President Nixon's resignation to Frank to get him riled up. Nixon resigned on August 9, 1974 and this episode takes place in September 1974.


  • Phillip: Okay, Anthony. Now shoot the puck at me, and I'll stop it with my goalie powers.
  • Anthony: [Anthony drops the broom and throws a can of tuna at Phillip's head] Hockey!
  • Phillip: Ow! [Anthony then throws a cigarette ashtray at Phillip's head once again] Stop it! [Anthony then throws a bowl of spaghetti at the same target, making Phillip's hockey jersey covered with meat sauce] Ah! [Speaking French] Mon chandail de hockey [English: "My hockey sweater!]! [Phillip screams and tackles Anthony. He then starts to punch him repetitively.] YOU KNOW WHAT? YOU KNOW WHAT? YOU KNOW WHAT?

  • Stan: Sue's mother is a wonderful woman, but she wasn't the love of my life. That was a girl named Sophie. I was head over heels about her. But my father didn't approve. She wasn't the right kind of girl for me, you see? My father had a friend on the police force, and he got this cop to plant some stolen property in Sophie's handbag. Y'know, so i'd see she wasn't a good girl? When her father found out about it, he hit her. And she fell down a flight of stairs and died. I was 17 years old.
  • Frank: Stan... i'm so sorry. What a bastard.
  • Stan: Yes, but to this day, i thank my father for looking out for me. He saved me from throwing my life away for some silly infatuation. I wish i had done the same for Sue.
  • Frank: Get the fuck out of my house.
  • Stan: Gladly.

  • Babe: Boys, don't grow up to hate me. Your daddy loves you and—[Babe is shocked by the mess that Anthony and Phillip made in the house] YOU FUCKING ANIMALS!
  • Anthony: Da-da's mad at me! [crying] You know what...? You know what...? You know what...?
  • Babe: I leave you without for two hours so I can drink beer, and this is the thanks I get?! Phillip, you were the man of the house!
  • Phillip: [complaining] I don't want to be a man! That was your mistake!