Summer Vacation is Season 3, Episode 7 of the series F is for Family.

Summary Edit

The Murphys go on vacation at the Lake Wawayonda. While there, they all have epiphanies over their problems: Frank and Sue now realize that what they went through was to avoid the stress of their upcoming fourth child, Kevin finally confronts the childhood trauma he got from the motel pool he drowned in, Bill is finally letting go of Bridget Fitzsimmons, and Maureen is gaining the recognition she deserves.

Meanwhile, Goomer is shown in the Murphy house pretending to be Frank.

Extended Plot Edit

The Murphy's have a disastrous vacation at a lakeside including but not limited to staying in a rundown cabin, the visit of Sue's condescending parents, and Kevin trying to face his childhood trauma of almost drowning in a swimming pool at a hotel nearby.

Trivia Edit

  • Title Reference: The Murphy family taking a summer vacation at Lake Wawayonda.
  • Kevin finally gets over his drowning experience.
  • Sue's parents make an appearance, and her father's name is Stan.
  • It's revealed that Sue has a brother, whose name is Louis.
  • Goomer spends his time imagining himself with Frank's life.
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