"Which house is "Frank Murphy" at? I'm PICKIN' Em up for work!"
- Smokey Greenwood to the neighbors of Frank Murphy.
Smokey Greenwood is a recurring character on F is for Family. He is one of Rosie's good friends and the owner and founder of the Champagne Chariot Vending Services. He is voiced by Michael Kenneth Williams.

Character Edit

Smokey was Frank's boss throughout Season 2 after Frank's firing from Mohican Airways, and although he was initially reluctant to employ Frank, he soon grew to respect him because of Frank's honor and attitude towards never giving up.

Smokey has a wife who frequently cheats on him with the mailman (because he shows her postcards from overseas) due to the fact that he's always busy and never fulfilled his promise to give her a nice vacation and he also has a son whom he traded to the circus for being too "Albino" for his African-American family, something that he regretted doing for a long time. He never spent the $75 the ringmaster gave him for Larry, in case Larry ever decides to come back. Smokey mentions that he's been in jail, but for what is unknown. He also shows a bit of a sadistic side by purposely poking holes in condoms (which is implied to have resulted in Sue's pregnancy at the start of Season 3) and he has diabetes.

In Season 3, he revealed he's actually known where his son lives for some time but won't meet him because he's still repulsed by his son's albinism

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Quotes Edit

  • "One, two, three, baby! One, two, three, baby! Baby! Baby! Baby! Baby! Baby!"
  • - Smokey Greenwood counting.
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