Shire of Frodo is a progressive rock band in F is for Family.

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They have released at least two albums. One of the albums that this band has released is called Journey Down The River Faedra. According to Kevin, the artwork for this album features a "Queen's Alchemist". The other is Castle of the Elfin King, which Kevin plays in episode two. The track listing for this album is; The King, Black Cat, Big Foot, and Mordor.

The writers stated the fictional band was mainly based on Emerson Lake and Palmer, Yes, King Crimson and Jethro Tull. Their album cover art seems to also be inspired by Starcastle, Uriah Heep and Greenslade.


Trivia Edit

  • Kevin and his friends, Lex and Bolo are big fans of Shire of Frodo.
  • Shire of Frodo first appeared in "Bill Murphy's Day Off", where they opened for the Lifted Riffs.
  • In Night Shift, Kevin and his friends shop for their albums at the record store, which are all in the discount section.
  • The song Castle of the Elfin King is a parody to the song The Court of the Crimson King by the band King Crimson.
  • Judging from their lead singer's accent, the band hails from Ireland.


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