Season 2 is the second season of F is for Family. It appeared on Netflix on May 30th, 2017.

Characters Edit

Characters introduced in Season 2. Edit

  • Bridget Fitzsimmons: Jimmy's little sister and Bill Murphy's girlfriend in Season 3.
  • Corey Mars: A no-talent teen pop sensation who is addicted to drugs.
  • Cutie Pie: Vic's flighty and self-centred girlfriend. He hopes to start a family with her. She winds up statutorily raping Kevin, pressuring him to keep it a secret.
  • Jefferson Davis and Danielle Kerry: Domestic terrorists who attempt to hijack a plane.
  • Greg Throater: Ginny's husband who is trying to make his marriage work while having affairs with various men.
  • Haircut Girl: An amateur hairstylist and prog rock fan who takes a liking to Kevin.
  • "Howlin'" Hank Howland: A radio DJ who works with Vic, and is also addicted to cocaine. He is one of the men Cutie Pie cheats on Vic with.
  • Henrietta Van Horne: The owner of Plast-a-Ware. Sue and Vivian pitch their Salad Tosser invention to her and she approves of it, though winds up taking all the credit.
  • Randy: Bill's boss on his new paper route, who is actually using Bill as a drug mule.
  • Scoop Dunbarton: Roger's alcoholic nephew who takes over Frank's position after playing in the minor leagues. He was kicked in the head by a horse and given permanent brain damage. He is racist, rude, and prone to outbursts.
  • Smokey Greenwood: Frank's new boss. He has a failing marriage due to his dedication to his company, and a long-lost albino son he regrets giving up to the circus.
  • Tracy McGrath: Sue's new sexist boss.

Episodes Edit

Title Description
Heavy Sledding Frank struggles to keep it together while unemployed as Sue is forced to make money for the family. Meanwhile, a snow day involving sledding leads to a series of unfortunate mishaps.
a Girl Named Sue Tensions rise between Bill and Kevin, Frank blows his chance at getting his job back at Mohican, Maureen has her first Honeybee meeting and Sue applies to be a secretary at Plast-a-Ware.
the Liar's Club Bill starts his job as a paperboy. Frank tries going to the employment office, but leaves in shame and embarrassment. Kevin asks Frank for his own room. Sue starts her secretary job.
Night Shift Frank is brought on to his new job on a trial run, determined to get hired. Kevin and his band try and buy cocaine to bribe a radio DJ into playing their song. Sue gets the idea of spin drying lettuce when the washing machine breaks.
Breaking Bill Frank and Kevin's relationship comes to a boiling point when Kevin manages to book a gig with his band. Meanwhile, Sue pitches her idea for a salad spinner and Bill steals a hockey stick, an act that he pins on Jimmy Fitzsimmons.
This Is Not Good All hell breaks loose when Frank has to work one morning. This includes him dealing with Bob Pogo, Sue needing money for a prototype of her salad tosser, Kevin prematurely ejaculating during his date, Bill being unable to make it to his hockey tryouts, and Maureen needing a ride to Honeybee scouts.
Fight Night Frank and Sue run into trouble on their anniversary. Kevin feels guilty around Vic. Bill's rebel phase gets out of control for Phillip.
F is for Fixing It Jimmy Fitzsimmons returns, and Bill is none too pleased about it. Meanwhile, Frank and Sue still experience problems with their marriage and their careers, Maureen starts attending Computer Club, and Kevin still feels guilty about what he did to Vic.
Pray Away Frank and Sue's counselling doesn't go well. Kevin and his friends are set to play Vic's party, but Kevin isn't sure he can. Bill, Phillip, Ben and Ken devise a plan to put Jimmy in his place.
Landing the Plane Frank and the airport staff initiate their plan to get rid of Scoop, until African-Americans attempt to hijack the plane and Frank finally realizes that he'd been taking Sue for granted. Meanwhile, Sue's salad tosser idea is pitched, only for her boss, Henrietta Van Horne, to take full credit for it. Vic has a talk with Kevin, letting him know he doesn't blame him for what happened with Cutie Pie.

Crew Edit

Writers Edit

  • Michael Price
  • David Richardson
  • Bill Burr
  • Emily Towers
  • Joe Heslinga
  • Henry Gammill
  • Eric Goldberg
  • Peter Tibbals
  • Valeri Vaughn
  • Marc Wilmore

Directors Edit

  • Romain Bounorre
  • Olivier Schramm
  • Mike Roberts

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