Season 1 is the first season of F is For Family. It appeared on Netflix on December 18th, 2015 and contains 6 episodes.

F is for Family

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The main characters which appear in nearly every episode of the first season.

  • Frank Murphy: The head of the Murphy household. He is a good natured and caring man plagued with an explosive temper and terrible luck. He is promoted to manager at the airline he works for, and tries to negotiate a fair union deal while keeping himself in his boss' good graces.
  • Sue Murphy: A housewife who feels unfufilled with her life. She is often put under pressure and tries to balance her own ambitions with her family's needs. She takes a promotion at her job selling Plast-a-Ware, but it is not all she hoped for.
  • Kevin Murphy: Sue and Frank's 14 year old son. He is mouthy and rebellious, yet emotionally fragile. He is a stoner and a fan of progressive rock, trying to improve his failing grades.
  • Bill MurphyA kindhearted, if not somewhat vulnerable and niave 11 year old boy. He wants to prove his self worth and overcome his victimization at the hands of his bully.
  • Maureen MurphyA precocious 8 year old girl. She is a tomboy who enjoys rough and tough play, often without evaluating the risk. Her sweet nature tends to keep her out of trouble with her parents.
  • VicThe Murphy's wealthy neighbour. He is friendly, but often oblivious to the financial gap between himself and his neighbours. He is a heavy drug user, often partying and having casual sex. He reveals at the end of the season that he is secretly lonely and envious of Frank's family life.
  • MajorThe Murphy's pet dog. He is old, fat, slow, and has a habit of humping people's legs.

Recurring Edit

Characters present in more than one episode throughout the first season.

  • Bob PogoFrank's overweight boss at Mohican Airways. He is disrespectul of his employees and does not take their union's demands seriously.
  • Jimmy FitzsimmonsBill's bully. He often terrorizes Bill and Phillip, and has a clubhouse out in the woods. He does have a secret softer side, such as his passion for woodworking.
  • Roger DunbartonThe CEO of Mohican Airways
  • Vivian SaundersSue's boss at Plast-a-Ware.
  • Lex and BoloKevin's stoner friends.
  • Ben and KenMaureen and Bill's trailer-trash friends, who often come up with poorly thought out games to play.
  • Brandy DunbartonRoger Dunbarton's young trophywife.
  • Carl and RedTwo baggage handlers who work at the airport.
  • Chuck SawitzskiCo-owner of Sawitski and Son electronics. He causes various problems for the Murphy's in this season.
  • ClaireKevin's girlfriend.
  • DoreenA cashier who is often subjected to Chuck Sawitzski's advances
  • GoomerThe Murphy's neighbour. He can often be seen spying on people through their window, and has a habit of stating the obvious.
  • Jim JeffordsA politically incorrect news reporter and talk show host.
  • Louis GagliardiThe union president.
  • Mr. HoltenwasserAn elderly holocaust survivor who the neighbourhood kids mistake for a Nazi.
  • Mr. FitzsimmonsJimmy's father and the elementary school's janitor.
  • Phillip BonfiglioBill's best friend.
  • RosieA shop steward at the airport, and Frank's best friend.



  • Michael Price
  • David Richardson
  • Tom Gianas
  • Emily Towers


  • Laurent Nicolas 
  • Benjamin Marsaud


Episode Title Description
The Bleedin' in Sweden

Frank purchases a brand new color TV, which Bill accidentally ruins with a magnet.
Saturday, Bloody Saturday Frank takes Kevin to work for a lesson in proper education; Bill gets himself in a pickle when Maureen rebels against him. Sue breaks down, feeling unsatisfied with her life.
The Trough Frank takes Bill to a football game, where he meets his boss; Sue is given a surprising opportunity, and Kevin gets stoned as he does his best to improve his grades.
F is for Halloween When Frank denies a promotion from Sue's bossSue becomes angry with him and disappears. Meanwhile, Bill and Phillip cower in fear on Halloween when Jimmy Fitzsimmons threatens to beat them up in their Halloween costumes. Kevin gets a little sidetracked with his friends while finishing his history homework.
Bill Murphy's Day Off Bill gets suspended after getting into a fight and he hides his suspension from his parents, while Frank  attempts to handle the problem at his workplace and make good on a promise to Kevin.
O Holy Moly Night A strike begins at Mohican Airways, and Frank tries his best to solve it. Meanwhile, Sue prepares for their Christmas party which isn't going well. Bill runs into trouble as an altar boy, thanks to Jimmy FitzsimmonsKevin starts a part-time job selling trees, while Maureen struggles to find the family dog Major.
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