Scott Ichikawa is a classmate of Maureen's. He is voiced by Debi Derryberry.

Character Edit

Because of the fact that he is male and Asian (his surname suggests that he's of Japanese descent), Scott is assumed to be intelligent and Maureen is accused of cheating off of him. In reality, however he cheated off of Maureen. He was willing to let the lie be believed, until Sue and Frank's volatile fight causes him to breakdown and tell the truth. In tears, he confesses that he hates school and is not good at it, and only wants to do Motocross. This directly mirrors what Kevin said earlier in the season, about hating school and only wanting to do music.

Scott returns in Are You Ready for the Summer? on his bike telling Maureen to come to the float for the Computer Club. Maureen and Scott arrived at the Computer Club float but it is revealed that he is going to be researcher and Maureen is going to be a Space Secretary for the Computer Club.

His parents are shown to be Japanese Americans. Scott warns Maureen that she will die in space (pretend) but Maureen doesn't care. Scott is scared but pretend that she broke the airlock and Scott's friends are pretend to be dead.

It is unknown if Scott appears in more episodes or he will appears in Season 4.

Episode Appearances Edit

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