The Salad Tosser is a Plast-a-Ware product invented by Sue.

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The salad tosser is a product used to dry lettuce. It is an outer bowl with a removable strainer inside, and a crank which spins the strainer allowing the lettuce inside to be dried. Sue gets the idea for the invention when her washing machine breaks. Remembering Frank's soggy lettuce from earlier, she figures one could dry lettuce similar to how the washer drains excess water during its spin cycle.

Because of this, she uses the washing machines basin as part of her original prototype, which gets her laughed out out of the pitch meeting. Vivian however, thinks the idea could sell and the two have a better working prototype built. The head of Plast-a-Ware, Henrietta Van Horne, agrees the product would sell but ends up taking the credit for inventing it.

In real life the modern plastic Salad Tosser or Salad Spinner, was in fact invented in 1974, by the company The Mouli Manufacturing Co., and proved to be incredibly popular.

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