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You just graduated FUCK SCHOOL! Fade Out.

—Red to Frank.

Red is a recurring character baggage handler and one of Frank's co-workers. He was voiced by Trevor Devall.


Red is almost always seen with his friend and co-worker, Carl. They first appear in "The Bleedin' In Sweden" when Kevin catches them stealing cigarettes from a vending machine at the airport. The two quickly befriend Kevin, as they share common interests such as drinking and doing drugs. He and Carl regularly steal from the suitcases of passengers, looking to score prescription medication they can take recreationally.

Red began reading books on screenwriting so he can assist Carl with his script for a movie they call "Fuck School".

Like Carl he is a dim-witted and has little regard for human life, as demonstrated when he laughs when he witnesses his former boss's death and later when he see's it again on tape, as well as by stealing medication from passengers.

Carl and Red endanger and act irresponsibly towards their manager's 14 year old son. They provide him with alcohol and cigarettes, allow him to take an unknown prescription pill (and to mix it with alcohol, increasing the potential risk), and encourage him to quit school. Later, they show him the graphic security footage of Ed being decapitated by an airplane propeller, which horrifies Kevin. Carl tells him he'll make a great father because he limits Kevin to just one of the stolen pills.

Red attended the meetings between the union and Mohican Airways as they attempted to reach an agreement.

In season 2, Red participates in the plan to get rid of Scoop Dunbarton. He suggests making a second, identical airport, with cardboard cut-outs of the Mohican employees to fool him. Carl and Red also expand upon their plans to shoot their porno. During the meeting Red saus had a father that blew his brains out right after seeing a therapist.

In season 3 it is revealed that Carl and Red have completed filming Fuck School and Rosie plays a minor role which was mentioned during Rosie’s alderman campaign. To which Red responded “We’re gonna get nominated for a “Fuckie”.

Prior to the trip to Cleveland in season 4, Red revealed that he had participated in an armed conflict, but did not reveal which one (most likely the Vietnam War). Upon returning from said war, Red began to have issues with authority figures.

Red's name is only revealed on the schedule