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"Leave him alone, or I will fuckin' eat you!"

- Randy telling Jimmy and his friends to leave Bill alone.

Randy is a recurring character on F is for Family. He is voiced by T.J. Miller.


He first appears in Season 2, where it's revealed that he is Bill's boss in terms of both the paper route and drug dealing collection racket.

Despite Bill's timid nature, Randy seems to be fond of him and his spirit, but he does look down on Phillip's pacifist nature.

In Pray Away, Randy gets mad when Bill was unable to fulfill his usual route for the day, and he also hits Jimmy Fitzsimmons with his truck and leaves, pinning the blame on Jimmy himself (since Randy doesn't want others to know that he always runs people over).

Episode Appearances[]


"Welcome to the wonderful world of selling weed"

- Randy

Us newsies gotta stick together. There's always a Jehovah's Witness around the corner, looking to fuck you up.