The Plast-a-Ware Office is where Plast-a-Ware operates out of. This is where the marketing and planning are run out of, as well as where shipments arrive before being given to the individual saleswomen. The company has no stores since the product is sold exclusively through home parties.

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Employees Edit

  • Henrietta van Horne - Founder/CEO
  • Tracy McGrath - Head Marketing Executive
  • Vivian Saunders - Her exact job title is unknown, but she works mainly in the office and also supervises the saleswomen. She briefly filled in as Tracy's secretary and mentions that she has more seniority than Dana.
  • Gene - Marketing Executive
  • Dana - Marketing Executive
  • Sue Murphy - Secretary, formerly saleswoman

Trivia Edit

  • The company, Plast-a-Ware, and it's "party plan" marketing strategy, is a fictional analog to the real world company, Tupperware. Likewise, Henrietta Van Horne, Plast-a-Ware's co-founder and semi-retired CEO, is the fictional analog to Tupperware co-founder Brownie Wise.
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