Paul Lynde to Block is the second episode of Season 3 of F is for Family.

Synopsis Edit

Frank meets his new neighbours, Chet and Nguyen-Nguyen Stevenson, and invites them to the drive in in order to avoid being alone with Sue.

Plot Edit

Frank can't stand Sue's complaining lately, especially after their air conditioner breaks. When she suggests going to the movies, Frank invites the kids and their new neighbours so he can avoid being alone with her.

He winds up going off alone with Chet under the guise of getting Sue a pizza, leaving Sue with Nguyen-Nguyen.

Meanwhile, Kevin presents his friends with a new song but they admit they find his music too depressing. They tell him they've become disinterested in playing progressive rock, especially since Kevin ruined their gig at Vic's with a 20 minute improvised song about his feelings. They kick Kevin out so they can focus on playing music that will pick up chicks.

At the drive in, Maureen says she has to go to the bathroom, but is really reading a magazine about computers. This forces Bill to wait outside the bathroom for her and miss the pre-show cartoon.

Trivia Edit

  • Title Reference: One of the lines that Nguyen-Nguyen says as she is learning English.
  • The end credits is shown with a rendition of the song "The What We Did" (from the episode's movie of the same name) by Haley Reinhart.
  • Bolo still has the nude painting of Cutie Pie, which he stole from Vic in "Pray Away".
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