Officer Dahmer is the father of Jeffrey Dahmer. He works as a somewhat corrupt police officer. He first appeared in "Are You Ready For The Summer?".


In "Heavy Sledding", Jeffrey Dahmer antagonized Frank Murphy, until the latter got mad and swore at him. Jeffrey threatened to tell his father what he said to him and didn't forget to mention that he was a cop, before peddling away on his bike. Frank screamed at him, telling him to go play with his father's gun.

In "Are You Ready For The Summer?", Jeffrey stole Frank's lawn chair and the latter pushed him into the streets for it. Jeffrey ratted Frank out to his father, and so Officer Dahmer stepped in to stop him. Dahmer pestered Frank about what he did and threatened to arrest him, while Jeffrey lied to him about other things Frank did and even accused him of being a pedophile, hoping to get him arrested. Dahmer asked Frank about his family and Frank showed him around the streets, where every member of his family was acting like a complete wreck. Officer Dahmer took great pity in Frank for the kind of life he led and didn't even bother with arresting him, claiming that there's nothing prison could do to him, that he hasn't already done to himself.

In "Bill Murphy's Night Off", Officer Dahmer made a brief cameo, as one of the people, watching from the bridge, as Bill Murphy was hanging from a rock, in a fast-moving river.

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