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"Wait, we did that for a reason? I love it when that happens!"

- Nuber after Kevin trashed Bolo and Lex's garage.

Nuber is a recurring character on F is for Family. He is one of the delinquents that Kevin started hanging out with after he ditched Bolo and Lex. He is voiced by Matt Jones.


Nuber first appeared in the background of "Paul Lynde to Block", watching the movie while Bill and Maureen were going to the Bathroom. He was later introduced as Kevin's bully in "The Stinger", picking on his future career as a rockstar but he is very impressed at Kevin standing up to Mr. Durkin. He decided to hang out with Kevin as his friend. His 2 best friends are Nikki and Morehead.

He also appear in "Mr. Murphy's Wild Ride" trying to help Kevin enjoying his 15th birthday. Nuber tries to tells Kevin to do graffiti at Mr. Sawitzki's store but he told Kevin to run away before he got caught by Mr. Sawitzki.

Nuber is the only one of his gang to reappear in Season 4. It's revealed that he dropped out of high school and started working for Smokey. In his recent appearance, he begins to have doubts about dropping out, and when Smokey and Rosie decide to stick it to the white man, Nuber is thrown out of the truck (implying that he was fired).