Mr. Murphy's Wild Ride is the fourth episode of the third season of F is for Family.


As the guys start work on the baby's room, Chet takes Frank on an unforgettable outing to the Air Force base. A jealous Phillip lashes out at Bill.


Sue hosts another depressing focus group for her invention. Frank is scared Chet might want to hang out with Vic. Bill and Bridget sneak out after dark and wander around the town as a 'first date'.


Major RolesEdit

Minor RolesEdit


  • Kevin turns 15 years old
  • Phillip is revealed to have several anger issues, which he unhealthily bottles up, leading to him secretly doing some twisted things, such as pulling his eyebrow hairs out and more notably, drawing out pictures in his notebook of the people who've wronged him, getting murdered in a very detailed and realistic manner.
    • This was hinted in the previous season when Bill discovered Phillip's "kill book".
  • Frank returns to his former army station, Rustland Air Force Base, for the first time since 1968.
  • Otto is finally told to stop dwelling on his horrible past with being a Holocaust victim and be more positive about the fact that The Holocaust is over.


  • A number of stories from "The Stinger" are continued, such as Chet building a baby room for Frank and Sue's soon-to-be baby, Sue's forkuntula, Kevin still being friends with his friends from the last episode's Summer School, Bill being in love with Bridget Fitzsimmons, and Phillip being jealous of her for "stealing his only friend" from him.
  • Goomer asks Frank if he poured water on the wood, leading to it getting soiled. This is a callback to a running gag from "The Bleedin' in Sweden", where people kept asking Frank if he poured water down his television set.
  • Kevin mentions how Chuck Sawitzki made him sell Christmas trees and then refused payment in "O Holy Moly Night".
  • When confronting someone in "Paul Lynde to Block", Chet makes up a story about how Frank saw a cat walking on a fence and it brought a tear to his eye. At the end of the episode, this is exactly what Chet does himself.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Title Reference: Frank having a crazy experience with Chet in a war jet; The movie "The Wild Ride", which refers to Kevin and his new delinquent friends causing mayhem all over town.
  • Frank says that "She started it" was the same excuse that Charles Manson used.
  • Vic says that he once hung out with Sonny and Cher.
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