Mr. Murphy's Wild Ride is the fourth episode of the third season of F is for Family.

Synopsis Edit

As the guys start work on the baby's room, Chet takes Frank on an unforgettable outing to the Air Force base. A jealous Phillip lashes out at Bill.

Plot Edit

Sue hosts another depressing focus group for her invention. Frank is scared Chet might want to hang out with Vic. Bill and Bridget sneak out after dark and wander around the town as a 'first date'.


  • Title Reference: Frank having a crazy experience with Chet in a war jet; The movie "The Wild Ride", which refers to Kevin and his new delinquent friends causing mayhem all over town.
  • When confronting someone, Chet makes up a story about how Frank saw a cat walking on a fence and it brought a tear to his eye. At the end of the episode, this is exactly what Chet does himself.
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