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My name is Mr. Durkin! And it rhymes with nothing. This is summer algebra.

—Mr. Durkin

Mr. Durkin is Kevin Murphy's summer school teacher and Minor Antagonist in Season 3. He is known for abusing his students anytime they misbehave. After his car derailed the train to Pittsburgh (thanks to Nuber's gang, who put it there), he was later arrested.

In the FIFF writer's Twitter Account, it is shown in the first color footage of Episode 3 of Season 4 that he was eventually released from prison. His role in the show alongside relationship with Kevin is currently unknown, though it can be assumed that they're still on bad terms with each other.

He was voiced by Phil Hendrie.


Mr. Durkin is an abusive, strict teacher who had been getting a seriously bad reputation with his own students, including Nuber and his gang of bullies. Because he's an educator who works at a summer school within the inner city zone, Mr. Durkin strongly views his students as troublemaking delinquents (who he usually referred to them as "animals") and will purposely humiliate one of them whenever he/she misbehaves. This was demonstrated when he had no problem humiliating Kevin upon learning of his rock star dream, especially when the whole class begins chanting "Broken Family" in order to mock Kevin for having a dysfunctional family after calling Mr. Durkin his dad.

Although he claims to be a teacher because "he cares," Mr. Durkin is shown to have money problems, as he owns a dilapidated car with trash bags as windows (which was pointed out by Kevin in front of the whole class). This leads Kevin to mock him for this as payback for humiliating him, starting up the chant "Jerkin's got no money!" in class. Upon this, he immediately gained everyone's respect, including Nuber's gang.

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