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Megan Murphy is the fourth child and younger daughter of the Murphy family. She is the youngest child of Sue and Frank, and the baby sister of Kev, Bill and Maureen. She was born in the season four finale "Baby, Baby, Baby", being born on October 28, 1974.


She was conceived after Frank and Sue had sex in February of 1974. The condoms Frank used were broken from Smokey Greenwood, who popped condoms regularly. Throughout the year, the stress of the pregnancy caused stress in the Murphy household; Sue and Frank's dreams to continue their careers were put on hold even further, and Maureen and Bill were forced to become roommates after Maureen's bedroom gets redone to become a nursery (though, eventually a new part of the house was built for the nursery and Maureen went back to her room). She was soon born in October of 1974 and was the first Murphy child Frank witnessed to be born. After Frank and Sue introduce her to her siblings and Kevin's girlfriend Alice, Frank takes the baby to the hospital chapel to introduce her to her grandfather William. But before anything can happen, William subsequently slumps forward motionless from a cardiac arrest, and he dies later on after the doctors' failed attempt to revive him at the hospital.

Megan is a female baby, with a plump face and rosy cheeks. Her hair is brown in Season 5, just like her father, eldest brother, and sister.


  • Her name is Megan as confirmed in "The Rustvale Massacre"
    • She would be 48 years old as of 2022.
  • She is the first Murphy child Frank witnesses the birth of.
  • At birth, she has a noticeable philtrum, much like Frank and Kevin.