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Six, with the way your father drives. He just has to slow down and point with the Amish. But I wouldn’t miss your shower for anything. This day is all about my little—Gert Gerski! You made it!

—Marilyn talking to her daughter Sue and seeing Gert Gerski.

Marilyn Chilson is Stan's wife and Sue's mother. She is voiced by Carol Kane.


Like her husband, Marilyn does not approve of Sue's marriage to Frank (though she's more lenient towards Frank unlike Stan). When they come to visit them at the lake, it is revealed she and her husband had been secretly sending Sue money to help out the family.

Marilyn came to Sue's baby shower where she was disappointed to see that Sue was not excited over her pregnancy.

She also fawns over Sue's college friend, Gert Gerski, a lawyer, and tells Sue she never expected her to be successful, while Sue thought the exact opposite.

Marilyn and Stan have a son named Louis, whom they disowned after learning he is gay.

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