Major is a character in F is for Family, who is the Murphy family's pet dog. He has a habit of humping his owners' legs and is often described as a fat dog.

Maureen is by far the closest with Major, and he can sometimes be seen following after her. His brief disappearance caused her a lot of distress.

In the Trough we see that Major was a puppy when Kevin was small. This seems to suggest that Sue and Frank originally bought the dog for Kevin.

Life Edit

Major is first seen jumping up and down excitedly and then jumping into the back of the car while Frank Babe and Goomer try to lead the broken Tv into Frank's car. Frank yells at Major he isn't going anywhere and tell him to get inside where Major walks in sadly. Major is seen next greeting Frank before humping his leg before Frank pushes him, he is later seen humping Sue's leg when she is having a mental breakdown. When Frank yells at Kevin to get in the house to do his homework Major runs off scared yelping after having a sleep thinking Frank is yelling at him.

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