"Then we are calling this strike, *RIGHT NOW*!!!"
- Lou Gagliard.
Louis "Snub Nose Louie" Gagliardi is the president of the International Brotherhood of Baggage Handlers, Skycaps, Roadies and Circus Roustabouts. He is also the current owner of Captain Chucklethrust's. He is voiced by Joe Buck.

Character Edit

Louis is a parody of characters from Italian mafia movies of the 1970's, particularly Don Vito from the Godfather. He is planning on re-inventing Captain Chucklecrust's (a parody of Chuck E. Cheese's) into a cabaret nightclub. He deals with minor inconveniences in an over the top and violent way, such as when one of the animatronic animals in the restaurant went off, he shoots it and breaks its neck, using a pizza box as a silencer. He also pulled his gun on Roger Dunbarton when the brawl breaks out at the deal signing.

Louis presumably works as a baggage handler, skycap, roadie or circus roustabout, considering he is president of their union.

He is apparently sleeping with his male limo driver, Gary.

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