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Lawrence (AKA Lex) is a friend of Kevin's. He is usually accompanied by Bolo. He is the keyboardist of Merlin's Monocle.


Lawrence, nicknamed Lex, is a typical stoner. In his first appearance he hangs out with Kevin and Bolo, smoking marijuana under a bridge and discussing simplistic hypotheticals. He asks the others which first lady they'd like to sleep with, but says they can't say Jackie Kennedy.

He has a very immature sense of humor and his jokes tend to be even more childish than Bolo's, Kevin's and Claire's.

Like Kevin, he enjoys the band Shire of Frodo. They attend a concert where the group is the opening act, but they get booed off the stage. This makes Kevin want to leave, but Bolo and Lex hang around to try and score with the young women (who wanted to see the Lifted Riffs) in attendance.

Bolo and Lex are not loyal friends to Kevin, as they abandon him when he goes back for his dad's record and he specifically asked them to wait. They also pressure Kevin into blowing off his homework in "F is for Halloween" (Though, to be fair, it didn't take that much pressuring). They also make fun of Kevin's panic attack at the skating rink, and refuse to listen to him when he tries to talk to them about what happened with Cutie Pie.

He appears to be fairly sheltered as evidenced in Night Shift where it is seen he does not know how to talk to a black person, and thinks he should start by mentioning Martin Luther King Jr.

Lex plays the keyboard in the boys' band, Merlin's Monocle. Like his bandmates, he is overly confident in their musical abilities. He believes these skills will attract hordes of girls.

Lex is revealed to have an emotionally abusive father who puts a ridiculous amount of pressure on him. Despite scoring a 1550 on his SAT's, his dad told him it might as well be a zero. This could explain his behavior.


  • He is Jewish.
  • He may play the part of Merlin in the boys' band, due to the fact that his stage makeup is of a monocle. Though, it is later revealed that Bolo and Kevin also thought they were meant to be Merlin.