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"Well, you know what they say:

"can't" is the third cousin of "cunt.""

- Henrietta Van Horne

Henrietta Van Horne, is the Founder of Plast-a-Ware and one of the Main Antagonists of Season 2. Initially, Sue looks up to Henrietta and was excited to meet her to discuss promoting the Salad Tosser. However at the Season 2 Finale, Sue was Heartbroken that her idea was stolen by Henrietta. Thus, this leads to Sue quitting Plast-a-Ware (since it's obvious Henrietta will steal another Idea from her) and starting up Sue-Vivian Company. She is voiced by Allison Janney.


Henrietta was an ordinary housewife, describing her past-self to Sue as poor, fat and with no sense of style. She invented a plastic "burping" bowl. ("Burping" referring to the sound of escaping air upon removing the air-tight plastic lid.) She founded Plast-a-Ware, eventually becoming a millionaire and retiring to a mansion.

While in High School she was apparently impregnated by her Choir Teacher, and sold her baby.

She is on a first name basis with Vivian and used to work in the office at Plast-a-Ware, but now sits at home enjoying the Revenue from Sales. She mentions that she was pushed out of the company, relegated to a figurehead, and is eager to use Sue's Salad Tosser as a way of getting back in and being taken seriously again. This is partly the reason she winds up attaching her own name to the product, leaving Sue without any credit.

Throughout Season 3, it was shown that the Salad Tosser was a Major Success, as Sue has anticipated, in which Henrietta had received a lot of praise from her consumers and appeared in a variety of advertisements. In the Season 3 Premiere, it is revealed that Henrietta was undeservingly awarded "Woman of the Year" by the Van Horne Foundation. Overall, this made Sue develop an extreme hatred towards Henrietta (similar to Frank hating Roger Dunbarton) for not only stealing her idea, but also for taking away the dream she had hoped for. Sue even fantasizes killing Henrietta with the Forkoontula.


Similar to Roger Dunbarton Henrietta is shown to be a very egotistical and dishonest businesswoman. Henrietta’s personality is best described as: Entirely Misanthropic, cunning, intensely cruel, creepy, prideful, rude, very greedy, oppressive, unsympathetic, ruthless, two-faced, callous, charming, deceitful, abusive, sour, slightly racist and eccentric. She collects antique monkey paws, and claims she never goes anywhere without one. She also tells Sue and Vivian that she slow-clapped when John F. Kennedy was shot.

Overall Van Horne is a rather unpleasant individual with little to no respect for anyone besides herself. Stealing the Salad Tosser from Sue was likely just one of her many cruel deeds.

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  • Henrietta Van Horne is a fictional analog to Tupperware co-founder Brownie Wise.