"Howlin'" Hank Howland is a radio DJ who works with Vic at WKWOK 109.5. He is voiced by Josh Adam Meyers.

Character Edit

Hank Howland is a cocaine addicted radio DJ. He refused to play Corey Mars' record because he considered it trash, but was later convinced to play it by Vic, who bribed him with Cocaine. Kevin and his friends witness this, getting the idea to buy coke and bribe him to play their tape. He can be heard snorting cocaine on the air. He later attends Vic's party, where he licks a toad in the bathroom before it is shot by Vic.

Trivia Edit

  • Watching a mother gorilla carry her baby makes him cry.

Quotes Edit

"Duane Allman is an artist! This kid fell out of Donny Osmond's pussy!"

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