Haley Reinhart (born September 9, 1990) is an American singer, actress and voice actress who provides the voice of Bill Murphy on F Is for Family.


Music Career Edit

Reinhart auditioned for American Idol in two different seasons. In season 10 she made it to the top 3. She currently has four albums; Listen Up, Better, What's That Sound? and Lo-Fi Soil.

Notable Acting RolesEdit

  • 90210 - Herself
  • F Is for Family - Bill Murphy
  • Hell's Kitchen - Herself
  • American Idol - Herself


  • In the episode "O Holy Moly Night", Reinhart sang the version of O Holy Night used in the show.
  • In addition, the Season 3 episode "Paul Lynde to Block" features a movie called "The What We Did", with a song of the same name sung by Reinhart herself.
  • She was about to audition for the voice of Charlie Brown in The Peanuts Movie.
  • Reinhart shares the same birthday as Bill Murphy, the character she voices.
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