A teenage girl only ever referred to as Haircut Girl, due to the fact that she gives out free haircuts. She is voiced by Jessica DiCicco.


She is a girl known to invite boys over for a free haircut, and then have sex with them. Stories of her apparently travel far, as Bolo has heard of her without ever having met her (though, he doesn't know her name.)

She is a big fan of Shire of Frodo and progressive rock in general, which is what caused her to be interested in Kevin after seeing him playing at the Paradise Pavilion. Her bedroom is full of posters of various prog groups, as well as photos of herself, and a vanity full of her hairstyling supplies.

She invited Kevin over when she met him, and was attracted to him at first. She is a little off-put when he prematurely ejaculates in his pants, but she is willing to forgive it. She leans down to kiss his shoulder, but it happens again and his body spasms, accidentally chipping her tooth. At this point she becomes angry, especially when he proceeds to knock several things off her shelf by mistake, and touch her breast as he tries to wipe the blood from her shirt. She throws him out, declaring him a freak, and slams the door in his face.

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