"I like dick."
- Greg to Ginny
Greg Throater is Ginny's gay ex-husband. He is voiced by Tevor Devall.


Father Pat "saved" their marriage through counseling. In Pray Away it is revealed that he feels incredibly guilty over putting Ginny through a sham of a marriage and having two children with her. He begs her to divorce him, but she is clearly in denial over his true sexuality.

By the third season, Greg finally divorced Ginny and is living a gayer and happier life.


Greg is a gay man married to Sue's friend Ginny. He often cheats on her with men, and sometimes tries to get her to behave more like a man herself.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • His name and phone number are graffiti'd on the bowling alley bathroom.
  • Greg somewhat resembles Charles Bronson.
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