Ginny is a friend of Sue's who she does not like. She is voiced by Mo Collins.

Biography Edit

Ginny has known Sue for a long time, and Sue cannot stand her because she talks incessantly about herself. She seems to talk just to hear the sound of her own voice. Sue is too polite not to let her. In "The Trough", she tells Sue all about her marital problems. She mentions that her mother doesn't listen her. She believes her marriage problems all began on their honey-moon. She also mentions that she drove all over the city looking for her husband during one Valentine's Day. She goes on to talk about how she tried to change for him, such as cutting her hair short and wearing aftershave. It's obvious from what she is saying that her husband is secretly gay and is cheating on her. Ginny has no self awareness, and gets mad at Sue for being selfish when she tries to tell her about her own problems.

In season 2, Ginny and Greg's marriage is seemingly repaired, though Ginny is oblivious to the fact that Greg is still cheating on her with men. In Pray Away we see that she is actually in deep denial when confronted with the truth, and chooses to ignore it.

In the season 3 episode, Punch Drunk, she and Otto hook up.

Episode Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She and her husband hadn't had sex facing each other in seven years.
  • She put a hot quarter up his anus.
  • A running gag is that characters say "oh, fuck me" every time Ginny calls their name.
    • In the Season 3 premiere, Ginny did this to Sue, the exchange being reversed.
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