Fuck School Edit

Fuck School is a pornography made by two baggage handlers, Red and Carl. "People still go to school, but they fuck." This was the first idea for Fuck School that Carl had made up.

According to Politics Now, Rosie Roosevelt stars in Fuck School. Rosie plays one scene as an evil character called 'Dean Cockstopper', who outlaws the 'Bonecoming Dance'. When the two creators hear about this, this think they're going to get nominated for a 'Fuckie'.

Red began reading books on screenwriting so he can assist Carl with the movie's script.

In Season 3, Episode 5, Red and Carl are trying to get a dead goose out of a plane. Frank demands they hurry up, but Carl says that 'It's in so far its stuck!' Red suggests that that's a great ending line for Fuck School.

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