Frank the Father is an episode of F is for Family. It is the ninth episode of Season 3.

Summary Edit

After bailing Kevin out, Frank decides to open up about his past experience with his own father. Meanwhile, Bill has to make a huge choice with Bridget and Maureen runs into trouble as she and Phillip finally get to appear on Hobo Jojo.

Extended Plot Edit

Frank tries a new parenting practice after getting Kevin out of jail. Maureen attempts to win the game show, but the corrupt show producers aren't having it. Bill makes a life-changing decision.

Trivia Edit

  • Title Reference: Frank fulfilling his role as a father.
  • This episode is a big Culmination of Frank and Kevin's entire father-son relationship.
  • Kevin was told that Frank's father lived on a comet.
  • Frank reveals that his father humiliated him and called him Francine when he was Bill's age, which explains his aggressive nature.
  • Kevin now has a Police Record.
  • Maureen was close to winning the ring toss, only for Hobo Jojo to cheat at the last second. This leads to Phillip unleashing his Rage and attacking Hobo Jojo.
  • Bill, after finally had it with Frank and his Family, runs away with Bridget Fitzsimmons to Pittsburgh.
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