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Father Confessor is the 1st first episode of season four of F is for Family


Frank vents to Father Pat about his sour relationship with his father, "Big Bill" Murphy.


  • Title Reference: Frank reminiscing about his father to Father Pat.
  • Aside from the flashbacks, the episode takes place on a Saturday when confession is offered at the church.
  • The newspaper Frank is reading is dated Saturday August 24, 1974.
  • This marks William Murphy's first appearance.
    • This also marks the first (flashback) appearances of Frank's mom and sister, who are revealed to be living in California.
  • Big Bill was a respectful man in Rustvale and Frank looked up to him until he started taking his failures out on their family, especially Frank.
  • The last time Big Bill ever spoke to Frank was shortly after the divorce and right before Frank left to fight in the Korean War.
  • This episode's flashbacks prove that Frank's sons take after him:
    • As a child, Frank was like Bill.
    • As a teenager, Frank was like Kevin.
  • It's revealed that Sue named Bill, and Frank was just unfortunate that it was also Big Bill's name.
  • Trevor Devall's name is now in the opening.
  • Marie is still upset with Babe for how he felt about Vic.
  • Nana Rose revealed through the confessor that Babe is actually her nephew.
  • Phillip is still resentful towards Jim Jeffords as Hobo Jojo.
  • Goomer knew Nguyen-Nguyen poisoned Chet, but stayed silent about it.
  • Nguyen-Nguyen is in prison while the Stevenson House has been condemned.
  • Popeye was also mentioned when Frank says he hates anyone who smoked a pipe.