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F is for Fixing it is the eighth episode of the second season of F is for Family.


Jimmy Fitzsimmons returns, and Bill is none too pleased about it. Meanwhile, Frank and Sue still experience problems with their marriage and their careers, Maureen starts attending Computer Club, and Kevin still feels guilty about what he did to Vic.


To repair their marriage, Sue recommends they go on a couple retreat with Father Pat. Frank objects to this idea immediately, leaving for a secret meeting with his former co-workers and promising to meet with Sue at lunch to discuss things further. At the meeting, the Mohican gang devises a plan to get rid of Scoop.

When he meets up with Sue, he is dismissive and uninterested. It is only when he see's her list of talking points, that the word "co-pilot" jogs his memory. When Sue became pregnant for the first time, the two thought this meant their lives were over. Frank however, promises they can get through it, that they will be co-pilots and support each other. They promise that they will put their dreams on hold, but pick them back up when they can. Frank realizes he hasn't been supportive of Sue doing just that, but by this point Sue is showing off her salad spinner and refuses to talk to him. Out of options, he agrees to go on the marriage retreat.

As his father is on his way out the door, Kevin tries to talk to him about what happened, but Frank brushes him off because he is in a hurry, and assumes it has to do with his band. Later that day Vic has the boys over to discuss the party, praising Kevin for his talent, honesty and integrity. This kindness from Vic, and the irony of his statements makes Kevin feel so disgusted with himself he considers committing suicide.

Meanwhile, Jimmy is making the rounds to various people he has wronged and apologizing. When he gets to Phillip though, he confesses that he and Bill are the reason Jimmy was sent to military school in the first place. For this, Jimmy tries going after Bill, but his dad see's and decides he is in need of more punishing.


  • Title Reference: Frank and Sue fixing their marriage; the show's name.
  • Jimmy finally discovers that Bill and Phillip were behind what happened to him.
  • This episode reveals that Kevin was born in July.
  • Bill reverts back to his cautious nature.
  • Because of her recently discovered intelligence, Maureen has joined the Computer Club.


Mr Fitzsimmons: (after finding out that Jimmy is returning back to his old ways) Jimmy James Fitzsimmons, get in the fucking car! Yeah, you've seen the light. Beating up little fat girls, I ought to kick your ass!

Phillip: (in pain) I'm a boy!