Dana is an executive at Plast-a-Ware.

Character Edit

He spends most of his time on screen trying to come up with a new product for the company to sell. He has several ideas, most of which are shot down. This includes a triple tier muffin holder, which butters muffins and is similar to a champagne tree. Though, they eventually end up going with his Rainbow Mug idea, a plastic mug that changes to whatever colour of the beverage inside.

Like his co-workers, he is often apart of sexualized and crude banter around the office. He doesn't seem to actually de-value his female co-workers, more so that he is used to this kind of language and expects them to adapt. When he asks Vivian a legitimate question about having seen his hole-punch anywhere, he is obviously irritated when she tells him to check his twat rather than giving him a real answer, as Vivian assumes he wouldn't have asked her this question if she were a man.

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