Corey Mars is an amateur pop singer promoted by a Yayo Records that is possibly addicted to drugs. He makes an appearance at the record store.


Corey Mars is a 15 year old teen heart-throb, known for his hit song "It's a Puppy Dog Cotton Candy Day". He is later arrested for drug possession, but his manager gets him out of it by claiming it was his jacket the drugs were found in. The thing that tipped off the authorities was Corey stumbling through the airport and loudly asking "Do you think the cops know I'm on drugs?" He is based on several teen pop singers from the 70's, such as Donny Osmond, David Cassidy, Andy Gibb, and Leif Garrett.

In Season 3, Corey's fame has gone away due to the fact that he hit puberty, and now the attention goes towards his little brother, Rory Mars

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Newspaper article about Corey's arrest.

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