Claire is a teenage girl from the Murphy's neighborhood. Her name was revealed by the official F is For Family twitter account, and was first said in the episode "Heavy Sledding". She is voiced by Mo Collins.

Biography Edit

Claire was a friend of Kevin's, and could be seen on occasion hanging out with him and his friends. The two had mutual feelings for one another, and in her first appearance she was seen making out with Kevin on her front porch, but Claire did not want to touch Kevin's penis. She eventually agrees, but only over his pants. Kevin's bedroom wall had two pictures of her tacked up, though it seems they were never officially dating.

She was seen on Halloween hanging out with Bolo and Lex on a rooftop. They invite Kevin up with them to egg passing cars and smoke marijuana out of a pumpkin fashioned into a bong.

She is very similar to the rest of Kevin's friends, though she has a noticeable Southern accent. She wears an oversized army coat with a Led Zeppelin patch or button on it. This could mean she is not into progressive rock, explaining why Kevin did not invite her to the Shire of Frodo concert.

In Heavy Sledding, she is at the skating rink. She obviously still likes Kevin, and invites him over to her house to watch TV. He agrees, but through a series of events caused by his siblings and other children, the ice begins to crack and Kevin is knocked into a small hole. Seeing Kevin in tears and crying for his "daddy" over this, causes her to lose interest in him. A few days later Kevin tries to talk to her as she is walking to school with Lex and Bolo. He asks if he can still come to her house, but she quips that there's water in her sink and he could drown.

Episode Appearances Edit

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