"Tell you what I can do. I'll hold the door open for you, so you can carry it back to the car."
- Chuck to Frank
Chuck Sawitzki works at his father's electronics store, Sawitzki and Son. He is voiced by Justin Long.

Character Edit

Chuck first appeared in "The Bleedin' in Sweden", where he sold Frank and Sue a new colour television set. Chuck is a rather snobbish, arrogant, dimwitted, immature, cruel, impulsive, rebellious, callous and selfish young man. This is shown by how, unnecessarily cruel he is to Bill as he tried to explain to him that he was the one who broke the TV his father had tried to return. Bill got him back though, by magnetizing every TV set in the store.

This nature was also shown when Kevin got a job working for him in "O Holy Moly Night", selling Christmas trees. He left Kevin at the tree lot by himself on Christmas Eve, telling him he would only get paid after he sold every tree. It's implied he knew the last two shabby trees would never sell, and was using this as a way to get out of paying Kevin.

In every appearance, Chuck hits on his co-worker, Doreen, who is obviously not interested in him. His main tactic is bragging about having a large penis. In his first appearance he claims he was rejected by the army because it was too big, and in his second appearance he tells her it's being measured for a world record.

According to Chuck's father, he takes after his mother, which remains unconfirmed.

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