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Hey, leave no man behind. The Air Force takes care of their own.

—Chet to Frank

Chester "Chet" Stevenson (1929-1974) was a major antagonist of F is for Family, serving as the main antagonist of the third season and a posthumous antagonist in the fourth season. He was a friend to Frank because of their mutual services in the U.S. Air Force (Frank was a reserve soldier during the Korean War and he's a colonel of the Rustland Air Force Base).


Chet Stevenson was born in 1929. When he was five, his father had bought him a puppy for his birthday, and he was always excited about the adventures, he would have with him. One day when he came back from school, his father had drowned him, though his mother blamed Chet for the dog's death. He entered the Air Force training program in 1947, at age 18, and was sent over to Korea. He was sent to Vietnam when America first entered the war in 1965, as a Colonel, where he met his future wife, Nguyen-Nguyen, whom he saved her from a burning building. He returned to the U.S. a few years before 1974, wherein he ultimately meets his demise at the hands of his wife as she poisons his noodle with 2 gallons of floor cleaning chemical. He is voiced by Vince Vaughn.

Episode Appearances[]


  • Chet appears to have died, as in the Fourth season his former wife, Nguyen-Nguyen was being held accountable for "Murder" rather than "Attempted Murder." on the Newspaper of episode 3. This is also confirmed when Frank passed by Chet's house and said "You were the lucky one, Chet," in Murphy and Son.
  • In Mr. Murphy's Wild Ride, Chet references his wife, Nguyen-Nguyen, saying "She's crazy about me. All night long she calls out my name in her sleep--Chet Chet, Chet Chet!" The word "Chết" in Vietnamese translates death." This heavily implies that Nguyen-Nguyen has PTSD from her past in Vietnam which is teased to the audience in the episode Paul Lynde to Block as well as Mr Murphy’s Wild Ride.
  • In the episode Paul Lynde to Block, Chet appears to lie to the clerk at the drive-in theater's concession stand to get Frank a silver screen sausage pizza after hours. “He said he once flew a burning f4 with charred hands and two broke legs” “spending the night saying Charlie here I am into the tree line” “ the mere sight of a kitten made him burst into tears”, an important statement as the episode Mr Murphy’s Wild Ride ends in a scene where Chet eats his bowl of pho outside and bursts into tears as he sees a kitten groom himself. If this is true, Chet likely used Murphy as a way to talk about the dark parts of his life he cannot seem to talk about after his service.