Champagne Chariot Vending Services is a recurring business in F is for Family. This is a company that handles the maintenance of the town's local vending machines. It is owned and founded by Smokey Greenwood.

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Background Edit

Smokey founded Champagne Chariot Vending Services at an unknown time and for an unknown reason. He became so successful that the company was able to rent out a warehouse and a fleet of trucks to operate their business. Smokey said that he did this to please his wife, Mavis. This ironically ended up straining their marriage as Smokey got too busy with work and couldn't even take Mavis out to a nice dinner like he had promised, which culminated in Mavis having affairs behind Smokey's back, something he has been aware of for years.

When Frank was desperate to find a new job, Rosie (who became good friends with Smokey at one point) gave him a business card for the company, and Frank eventually got back up on his feet.

Employees Edit

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