Brandy Dunbarton is the widow of the late Roger Dunbarton. She is currently the CEO of Mohican Airways. She is voiced by Mo Collins.

Biography Edit

Brandy is a bimbo trophy wife stereotype. In the Trough she attended a football game with her husband and Frank and Bill, who had been given tickets by Bob Pogo. At the game she makes a bad joke about drinking brandy, while her name is also Brandy and her husband demands the spectators around them laugh. (Though nobody besides Frank does.) Later, Roger tells her not to buy a hot dog because she's getting fat. She laughs this off, buying a hamburger and scarfing it down seemingly just to spite him. The scene seems to suggest she has an ongoing problem with junk food.

Brandy is shown to have very little intelligence or skill when it comes to work or just in general.

Brandy eagerly agreed to take Bill to the bathroom when Roger and Frank became engrossed in conversation. She may have only offered so that she could sneak off and get food, though she does at least seem to show concern when she see's Bill come out of the men's room looking traumatized.

She appeared in O Holy Moly Night, where she asks if she can also have a fancy pen like the ones being used to sign the agreement with the union. This causes a series of events which ends with Frank being fired.

After the death of her husband, Brandy inherits the company and becomes the new CEO of Mohican Airways.

Episode Appearances Edit

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