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Smv21 Smv21 2 February 2021

Top 10 F is for Family Episodes

1. The Bleedin' in Sweden

2. Landing the Plane

3. Baby, Baby, Baby

4. Blind Alley

5. Summer Vacation

6. Bill Murphy's Day Off

7. Saturday, Bloody Saturday

8. Battle of the Sexes

9. R is For Rosie

10. This is Not Good

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Founten Founten 1 May 2020

Editing Rules

Hello. And welcome to the F is For Family Wiki. Before you start editing please familurize yourself with the rules.

I am pretty leniant and I won't punish or ban anyone for breaking the rules when I can see they are only trying to help and contribute. 

  • 1 Character Photos
  • 2 Trivia
  • 4 Writing Style

Please keep character photos screenshots from the show, cropped in a portrait style. This will help the wiki to look clean and consistent. 

Trivia should be interesting little blurbs that could not be listed else-ware in the article. If it is in the body of the article, it does not need to be listed again in the trivia section. Trivia should also not be basic information such as a characters personality or an episode's title. 

When listing quotes from…

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Smv21 Smv21 9 March 2020

F is For Family Season 4 Prediction Vol. 2

Since the episode list of season 4 was released, I'd thought I'd give my 2 cents about what to expect from it.

  1. Father Confessor-Frank's dad, Oswald, comes to stay with the Murphys and it leads to some family drama between him and Frank.
  2. Nothing Is Impossible-When Kevin is let out of summer school since his failing grade is revealed to be a typo, he finally decides to pursue his musician ambitions.
  3. Bring Me A Tooth-Maureen loses her first tooth and greatly expects the Tooth Fairy while Oswald gets a job at Mohican Airways.
  4. The “B” Word-An altercation with Sue leads Frank to call her a really bad slur while Bill ends up on the receiving end of harassment from Bridget Fitzsimmons's friends.
  5. Just Breathe-Sue's mood swings are doin a number on her h…
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Founten Founten 16 February 2020

On Character Quotes

Character quotes should be included if they offer insight into the character. Please don't just include every single quote you like, As great as they are, they really don't need to be there.

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Founten Founten 16 February 2020

Character Photos

Please use screencaps as the character photos. Pictures of a character's face, framed rectangular cutting off around mid-chest look best. You are perfectly welcome to put full body photos or promotional images in the gallery, but character boxes need to be kept aesthetically pleasing. Thank you all :)

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Smv21 Smv21 1 September 2019

F is for Family Season 4 Prediction

Ep. 1: Bad Dads, Bad Dads, Whatcha Gonna Do?-Frank's mean-spirited father, Oswald Murphy, comes to visit for 3 months and Frank must comes to grips with his precense.

Ep. 2: Law Firm But Fair-Cheeky lawyer, Wally Edwins, offers to prove Sue as the true inventor of the sallad tosser while Oswald takes up a job at Bill and Maureen's school.

Ep. 3: CE-Uh-Oh-Although Sue and Edwins claim victory over the case against Van Horne, it results in Sue gaining the tiring position of CEO of Plast-A-Ware and Vic, Babe, Goomer, and Otto set up an invervention in order for Oswald to be a better father to Frank.

Ep. 4: Freedom of the Kevin-Kevin is let out of summer school when it's revealed his failing grade in math is a typo and Frank sees this as a sign t…

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Founten Founten 20 November 2017


I changed the theme recently. Let me know if you guys hate it lol. If so, I'll change it back. 

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