Bill Murphy's Night Off is the Season 3 finale of F is for Family.

Summary Edit

As Bill and Bridget proceed to run off together, she changes her mind at the last second, leaving him stuck on his own. The entire neighborhood proceeds to search for Bill before it's too late, while Rosie deals with his debate for Alderman.

Extended Plot Edit

Bill tries to run away with Bridget to Pittsburgh, but the latter bails and Bill soon escapes the train to find a way back home while his family and friends band together to find him.

Trivia Edit

  • Title Reference: Bill running off with Bridget; the title is also a reference to the Season 1 episode: Bill Murphy's Day Off.
  • Frank finally manages to repair his broken relationships with his children.
  • Everyone discovers that Frank's father will be staying with them.
  • The Murphy House is revealed to be one block away from the Fitzsimmons House.

Quotes Edit

Frank: You're a terrible father, and your house smells like a bear pissed in it!

Mr. Fitzsimmons: At least I got all my kids, asshole!

[Frank becomes surprised and he and the rest of his family drive off to the train tracks]

Mr. Fitzsimmons: Just tell me the truth, Sweet Pea. Daddy won't be mad. Did you kill the boy?

Bridget: (outraged) Go shit in your fist, old man!

[Bridget walks to the door and goes to her room]

Jimmy: She scares me, Dad. She scares me right proper.

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