"And I lost my leg between a station wagon and a dumpster, and they gave me an artificial leg made for a woman. But you don't hear me complaining about it!"
- Ben talking to Bill
Ben Schrider is the owner of a sporting goods store. He lost his leg and got a prosthetic one, meant for a woman. He first appeared in "Breaking Bill". In "Are You Ready For The Summer?", he replaced his women's prosthetic leg with a men's one, although this men's prosthetic leg was for an African-American to wear.


The way Ben Schrider lost his leg, is as he put it, "between a station wagon and a dumpster". When he was at the hospital, being given a replacement, the only prosthetic legs they had in stock were for women, forcing him to wear a woman's leg around.

In "Breaking Bill", Bill Murphy and Phillip Bonfiglio robbed his store for a hockey stick. When he caught Bill and asked him what his name was, he said it was "Jimmy Fitzsimmons". Phillip knocked Ben over with a snowboard, making his prosthetic leg fall off and Bill and Phillip made a run for it, while Ben crawled after them, cursing the name "Jimmy Fitzsimmons".

Ben was unable to catch "Jimmy" in person or get his phone number, but he used the guy's name to look through the phone book and find contact the father of the real Jimmy Fitzsimmons and tell him what happened. Mr. Fitzsimmons was extremely angry at his son and he sent him to military school.

In "Are You Ready For The Summer?", Bill had a run in with Ben again and things were really awkward. Ben asked "Jimmy" how reform school was and warned him that if he stole from him again, he'd chase him down. He also mentioned that he got a new prosthetic leg, which, although masculine, was also intended to be for an African-American man, which still looked very odd on him.

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