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Baby, Baby, Baby is the tenth episode of season four and the 36th overall episode of F is for Family.


Sue goes into labor with her soon-to-be newborn baby. As the neighbors weren't of any help, she had to get their on her own for a while (halfway through with the help of a friend). As news gets to her husband Frank, he does everything he can to get back from Cleveland, and straight to the hospital as well as the rest of the Murphy family rushing towards the hospital. After being scolded by Bill and Maureen from the incident at school, Big Bill finally comes to terms with his behavior and regrets his past mistakes against his son. As Frank is still struggling to arrive, Kevin is left to support Sue while she is still in labor. Frank finally making it back in the city, rushes towards the hospital to look for Sue. Briefly, he enters a room where sees his father, who breaks down in tears for his past behaviors, admitting that he had trouble accepting what he did in the past. Frank, no longer holding a grudge, advises that his discussion will be finished later, as Sue is still in labor. At last, Frank finally finds Sue, who is still moments away from delivering her baby. After moments of labor, Frank and Sue's new baby is finally born, revealing to be a girl. The rest of the Murphy kids huddle in to meet their new baby sister. Frank then takes his baby daughter to greet her grandfather, but at that moment, Big Bill sees that his time has come, and unexpectedly dies in front of Frank, much to his horror. This ends the episode, as well as the fourth season.


Frank: Sue, I made it in time! Oh thank god, you were in labor all day. That didn't come out right. You know what I mean.

Sue: Oh, Frank, you're here. (kisses him)

Frank: I never should've left. (looks at Sue) Sue, I swear to you. I'm not gonna fuck up this kid. Starting now, I'm gonna be a better husband. I am gonna...

Sue: TWO-AND-A-HALF PINE CONES!!!! AAAAAGGGGHHHH!!! (Frank squeezes Sue's hand, and seeing how smiling he was, when a newborn baby came in when the doctor was holding the baby and gave Sue the baby and Frank kisses her cheek smiling for good.)


  • Title Reference: The song "Baby, Baby, Baby" by TLC; Sue giving birth to the baby.
  • Cutie Pie is pregnant with Vic's child[1]
    • A deleted scene reveals that the child in question is a boy.
  • Cutie Pie's real name is Karen Richards.
  • Frank finally makes it to see one of his kids born.
  • Frank and Sue’s baby is revealed to be a girl.
  • Alice isn't mad at Kevin since he did his best to help Vic.
  • Bill and Maureen come to realize that Frank really was corrupted by his father's attitude, while Frank has an epiphany over how his anger at his dad turned into rage that he unleashes all the time, especially at his own family.
  • Bob decides to do whatever it takes to save the airline from being sold.
  • Rosie figures out the best way to deal with the mayor.
  • Nana Rose reveals her sister's name as Anna Maria, and that she felt destined to become and opera singer until she had to look after Babe.