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Take me over the rainbow, Vic!

—Babe Bonfiglio, accepting a helicopter ride from Vic.

Babe Bonfiglio is the Murphys' neighbor and a friend of Frank's. He is voiced by Kevin P. Farley.


Babe is of Italian descent and has a very high pitched voice. He was one of the people Frank wanted to invite over to watch the fight on his color TV. He also appeared at the Murphy's Christmas Eve party, and is one of the phone numbers taped up on the wall above the Murphys' telephone. In the episode "The" B "Word" he reveals that he joined the United States Navy and when he returned with a tattoo on his chest, his father ripped the tattoo off.

It is hinted that he is bisexual, and has a particular fixation on Vic. In his first appearance he stares at Vic's bulge, and he always seems very impressed and excited when Vic comes around.

He once talked to Kevin about Vic, still going on hours later about the beers Vic had brought over and how nice he is. He then asks Kevin if Vic has ever invited him over to go swimming. He tells Kevin to let him know the next time he goes over to swim with Vic in his pool so that he can watch them.

Babe's obsession with Vic becomes even more clear in season 3, where he can be seen taking photos of Vic's crotch and is desperate to spend time with him. He appears to lose interest in him however, after a disastrous ride in Vic's helicopter. and realizing his drug addiction. It also helps him realize how lucky he is to be married to Marie.

Marie is clearly angered about Babe's Vic obsession, but she soon learns that it's because Babe admires the freedom Vic has compared to Marie treating him like a child. It is also revealed that Babe is envious of Vic due to the fact that babe can’t grow a mustache.

He helped wire up Kevin's new bedroom, but was oblivious to Kevin's pleas for privacy as he finished the job in the middle of the night. This obliviousness is hinted to be carried over to his own son, Phillip, as he doesn't notice the dark nature of his son's drawings.

Personality []

Babe seems to be shy and quiet, but in some instances (The Liar's Club) he can talk for quite some time.

Family And Relationships[]

Nana Rose[]

Rose is Babe's mother. She is often shown wanting him to act more masculine and to stand up to his wife. She even tells Babe to beat Marie. Babe ignores her suggestions.

In season four, it is revealed that Rose is actually Babe's aunt. She explains to Father Pat that she raised him as her own after her sister Anna Maria gave birth to him.


Marie is Babe's wife. Their marriage is often strained due to the stress of raising Anthony, Babe's obvious attraction to their neighbor Vic, and Marie's controlling nature. While searching for Anthony one night, their passion for each other is reignited. From that point on they find it impossible to keep their hands off each other.


Phillip is Babe's oldest son. Babe is obviously proud of Phillip and encourages him.


Anthony is Babe's youngest son. He loves him but finds him difficult to look after.


Babe is jealous of Vic (because he has so much freedom), and has a rather obvious sexual attraction towards him.

Episode Appearances[]


"I can bring a Jell-o loaf!" - Babe to Frank

"I leave you without for two hours so I can drink beer, and this is the thanks I get?! Phillip, you were the man of the house" - Babe was angry at Phillip because he made Anthony cry


  • His phone number is [7429|412 7429]
  • He was voted "Most Quiet" in high school.
  • His bisexuality was confirmed at the end of the Season 3 finale "Bill Murphy's Night Off", where after he reunites with Marie after the helicopter accident, he confesses his love for Marie and promises to "never think of Vic in the bedroom again" (which concerned and alarmed Marie).
  • He’s also an irresponsible father, as this clearly states him leaving Phillip and Anthony only so he can drink beer and watch a stupid ball game with his dumb buddies.
  • In the episode Mr. Murphy's Wild Ride it is revealed he is an electrician.