He keep saying “You know what” for several times!
- Frank describing Sue about Anthony.
Anthony Bonfiglio is the younger brother of Phillip Bonfiglio. He was voiced by Al Ducharme

Character Edit

His first appearance in the show was the episode Mr. Murphy's Wild Ride, and his soft spot was pushed by Phillip when he was an infant. He seems to be a good kid to himself but when he gets hyper, he only says "You know what?", and only stops saying it when something calming to him (such as the show "Hobo Jojo") is on. He is the son of Babe and Marie Bonfigilo and the young grandson of Rose Bonfigilo. He is shown to be American descent but his father, Babe is Italian. It is unknown why Anthony wears glasses, probably having eyesight problems. He wears an orange jumper, having short hair, one tooth on the mouth and blue overalls over the orange jumper. He seems to be cute, honest and a great kid. It is unknown if Anthony will return to Season 4. He seems to hang around with the younger Murphy kids, Bill and Maureen. Episode Appearances

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